Athletics of To-Day for Women

~---- ~- 6o Athletics of To-day for Women 3rd Heat: . ardcn and G. agl ', \ . . Final: r, Thompson ; 2, Haynes ; 3, Ridgl y. Inch s ; yard. r 2 sec . 100 YARDS HURDLES.-I, H. Ilatt.; 2 , . Batt.; 3, ' . \\. Edwards. Yd. ; 2 yds. I st secs. r,ooo METRES.-r, K. Harris ; 2, G. Thomas ; 3, V. IIinton. 2 yds. ; 4 yds . 3 mins . 25i secs. Hrc H JuMP.-H. Hatt and B. C. Holliday tied at 4 ft.. ro ins. TANDI G Lo rG JUMP.- 1, F. Birchenough, 7 ft. rot ins. ; 2, B . C. II llic..lay, 7ft. 8! ins. ; 3, P . att, 7 fl. 8 ins. Drscu .- 1, F. Birchcnough, 103 ft. 4l ins. ; 2 , I. \ ·ston, 93ft. 7,( ins.; 3, D . J efirie , 9 1 H. o} in. The following is the team that was select d to represent Great ritain at the Second International Ladies' Games at oth nburg, weden, on August 27, 28 and 29: 6o metres and roo yards, F. C. Haynes and . Thompson ; 250 metres, E. vV. dwards and V. Palmer ; r,ooo metres, E. Trickey and K. Harris; roo yard Hurdl , H. Hatt and E. White; High Jump, H. Hatt and B. . Holliday; Long Jump, M. Gunn and A. ]. 1iatthews; tanding Long Jump, F. Birchenough and B. C. Holliday; Javelin, L. awcett and C. Eliott– Lynn; Di cus, . Birchenough and L. Faw tt; hot, M. \V ston and F. Birch nough. I b lieve that the r ason Miss Gr n did not go to oth n– burg was the same that pr v ntect Eric Lidd ll from running in th roo metres at th Paris lympiad, 1924, which w s that n ith r of these gr at at.hl t e was willing to take part in a competition held on a unday. Phyllis Gr n was certainly a gr at loss to us, for sh made a new world' High Jump record of 5 ft. r 8 in. at the hiswick ports on August 2, but does not appear to ha e tak n part in the Engli h Inter– national Trials. While th ritish girls were building up a devastatingly strong team, the \ s wer fa ing the H r ule n task of preparing for the cond Int rnational Ladi s' ames to be h ld at oth nburg.