Athletics of To-Day for Women

--- -::::....-.- 62 Athletics of To- .. ay for Won1en No less than ten nations entered teams for the International Ladies' Games; but, unfortunately, at the last moment Italy and Jugo-Slavia found themselve unable to despatch their representatives. The nations which fought out the Ladies' Championship issue were, therefore: clgium, Czecho- lovakia, France, Great Britai1 , J 'tpan, atvia, P land, and 'w den. For the best part of the weel· preceding th day planned for the inaugural ceremony, wind-driven rain had streamed clown from sullen skies, and Gothenburg was not at its best. The morning of August 27 broke fine, however, and lottsskogs- allen was a sunny plac , set in a ring of autumn-tinted woods, with the blue sheen of distant hills beyond, \·hen a steady stream of thou ands of spectators arrived to witnes the prowess of far-journ yed young mazons from for ign parts, and to cheer the fforts of their own countrywom n. There was no doubt about the enthusiasm f the public, for a great ro r of acclamation rose up from the packed scat a the team marched on to the track with national flags flying free and trumpets sounding. First came a fair and graceful girl bearing the wedi h flag and follow d y an escort, n xt the r sident and Vice– President of the Swe ish \Vomen's Athletic Asso iati n, and then, y nations, the t ams an their 1 ad rs, a h followincr its national flag. The riti h crirls looked a mart as could b in well-cut skirts and blaz r , and, sav forth national mblen1 on the pocket, \ re clad in white fron1 top to toe. The repre– sentatives of the other nations paraded in th ir athletic kit. Ea h team, having complet d the tour of the arena, lined up facing th ro al box, an the Honorary Pr id nt of the ommitt , Mr . fary von ydow, made the nations welcome an p ned the am s. Th r upon four w di h military trum et r sounded the inaugural fanfar , an flock f arri r- ig ns " r set free, in a m-dance with lympic tradition. Ev ry that gr at a s mbly turned kywards as three thou winged ird took the air on glittering pini n , an