Athletics of To-Day for Women

66 Athletics of To-day for Women runners Jin d up as Palmer, Edwards, Planche, Hitomi, Chmisowska, and Radideau. In spite of the excitement of the moment, the girls were admirably steady when the starter sent them to their marks and got them set; the crowd, too, was wonderfully silent, although speculation had been rife as to whether Radideau could complete her double, the British girls live up to their great reputation, or Hitomi produce one of the miracles which rumour credited her with being capable of performing. It s emed as if the field broke absolut ly level at the crack of the pistol; and then the pent-up tide burst free in one long, continuous roar of heering and encouragement as the girls of four nations tore round the bend. Hitomi, as in the third heat, had the gr ater initial speed, but lanche held her; Palmer, obviously feeling the ff cts of her previous gruelling fight with the Japanese, followed, uut seemed to flag, until Edwards raced by her to chall nge the leaders half way round the bend of the tracl. Coming to the straight, Edwards, the smile of victory already on her lips, hot into the lead, and Palmer made the gallantest of gallant fforts to go after her countrywoman. Realising that the task was too great for her, sh then settled down to fight out th issue for second place with adideau, who, for a fatal fraction of a second, was oblig d to hold back at the top of the straight, for fear of fouling Planch . Chmisowska and Hitomi were already beat n, and both indeed showed great pluck in finishing the c urse. Ed\ ards ripped through the tape, a coupl of yards ahead of almer, with Radideau w 11 beat n into thir place, in 33~ secs., which constitui d a new world's record. ( icture 76.) he winner was given a tremendous ovation. Thus end d the first day of th econ International Ladies' ames. r at Britain h aded th li t with IS points to Fran e 13, weden 6, and Japan and Poland 5 each. On aturday the meeting was resumed at 5.30 p.m., a well– chosen hour which enabled 3,300 spectators to ass mble at lottsskogs allen to witness th sport. The weath r w s again xcellent, although a trifle chilly towards the end of the