The Athlete Vol. 1, No.1

“THE ATHLETE” . VOL. I, NO 1. NEW YORK ATHLETIC CLUB GILMORE’S GARDEN, NEW YORK. Friday, 3 January 1879. Programme Layout and Presentation This is the programme for the first day of a two-day winter athletics meeting. The large page-size poses difficulties when attempting to read it on screen; if the whole page is shown, the text is too small to read, and if the zoom feature is used only a part of the page can be seen at any one time. Also, the text is printed in columns with most of the space taken up with advertisements, one large one crosses two pages (pp. 2-3). To make things easier for the on- screen reader, the columns with athletic-related material have been scanned separately, and are presented as 12 “pages”, although the original programme consists of only four, each measuring about 10½x14 inches (26.5x36cms). To help the reader get a sense of the whole, intact publication, the entire, front and back pages have also been scanned, plus a scan of the two-page spread of the middle pages. These have not been scanned separately, because the large advertisement stretches across both pages. The three full-page scans are presented first, followed by the 12 “pages” of specific athletic material.