The Modern Method of Training for Running, Walking, Rowing & Boxing

62 TEDESTBIAXISM. Mix the above ingredients thoroughly, and placebeforethe fireuntil slightlywarm. Beat up thoroughly a new-laid egg, and mis gra­ duallywith the spirits, &c.,taking great cara that the bottle is well shaken from time ki time. Wu* KVUr. In fcap. Svo, paper wrapper,One Shilling each, CAPTAIN CRAWLEY'S HANDBOOKS. IN-DOOR GAMES. 1. Billiards and Bagatelle : Their Theory and Practice, with 40 Diagrams. 2. Whist, Loo, and Crib- bage : Their Theory and Practice. 3. ChessandDraughts, with numerous Diagrams and Problems. 4. Backgammon; with a Chap­ ter on Solitaire. 5. Biszique, Euchre, Ecarte, All-Foi'ks, and all the Round Games. OUT-DOOR GAMES. 1. Cricket, Base-Ball, and Rounders. 2. Football, Golf, Curling Hockey, &c. 3. Swimming, Skating, Rinking, Sledging, and Sleighing. 4. Rowing, Sailing, Boat­ ing, Canoeing, &c. 5. Bicycling : Its Theory and Practice. C. Lawn Tennis, Croquet, Racquets, &c. 7. Athletics and Traini g, Boxing, Wkustling, &c. Each Handbook is fully illustrated by Explanatory Engrav­ ings and Diagrams, and contains trustworthy and authoritative information as to the Origin, Laws, and Present Practiceof its special Game or Sport, by the most celebrated and popular exponents. The entire series EDITED BY CAPTAIN CRAWLEY, Author of "The Billiard Book," Billiards and Bagatelle in the " Encyclopa;dia Britannica," " Chess, its Theory and Practice," and other popularWorks onGames and Sports. LONDON : WARD. LOCK, AND CO., WARWICK HOUSE, DOESET BUILDINGS, SALISBURY SQUARE, E.G.