Athletics of To-Day for Women

CHAPTER SEVE TnE FIGHT FOR I 'CL SION IN THE OLYMPIADS WE come now to the all-important hi tory of th final, world– wide recognition of worn n' ~ right to pariicipat actively in athletics. Thi was accord d th m \ h n th y w r admitt d to competition at the inth ener 1 Olympiad at Amsterdam in rgz . It will be remembered that dir ctly the F' 'rati n portive Feminine Iniemationale ha be n form , Mm . Milliat, President of that governing body, applie to the Int mational Olympic ouncil for th inclu ion of a full progr mm of worn n's athletic vents at the g n ral Olympic ames, at that tim op n only to male athl t . H r r qu st was m t with a blanJ~ refusal. Th r u on \ omen s t out t organi e their own Olympic Gam s, \hi h th y first c 1 brated at P ris in rgzz, ther aft r making acti r par tion for as ond lebration at ru s Is in rgz . Why, and how, th t eel bra– tion wa tr n ferr , under a new nam , to oth nburg has been r lated air ady. By July, I 24, how ver, in which month the v nth on– gre s of the Int rnational Amateur Athl tic F d ration w s held in ari , worn n' athl tic had b gun to e t bli h such a grip upon th worl , and s many men' club w r inclu ing worn n's e ents at their ports m eting , that it becam n ce ary for the I.A. .F. to take cognisanc of w men's activitie , and the e nth ongr s r solv t tak ov r the gov rnment of worn n' athl tic und r int rnati n 1 r gula– tions to be repar d, but d cid d that th r should b n women' athl tic events at th Olympic <;;-ames. ubs quently a p ial ommittee, representative of the 98