Athletics of To-Day for Women

1'1.. r r. G g8. THE 1928 INTERNATIONAL BETWEEN THE BRITISH EMPIRE, GERMANY, AND FRANCE. 42. THE 100 YARDS. D. Ridgley, G.B., beating Schmidt, Germany, Radideau, France, and Gunn, G.B. 43. THE HuRDLES. M. Clark, South Africa, leading from F. Bell, Canada, equalled her own world's record of 13 ~ secs. 44. THE 800 METRES. I. Barber, G.B., winning from Style!', G.B., Neveu, France, and Wewers, Germany. 45. 200 METRES. D. Ridgley completes the double event, beating Dreling, Germany, and Vellu, France.