Athletics of To-Day for Women

I I 8 Athletics of To-day for Wo1nen and o, · nd diagrammatic lly xplain d by Fig. I, and (z) th tt ' t ' t" position (:shown in Pictur 6r and 6z), which is one of readiness. W will assume for the purposes of B I 1 I ,--A-- _I I V'"' I 0 I E F ~1' FlO. I I description that the start is to be made with the left foot in front. To a sume the u On the Mark" position · c the girl plac h r fing rs on the scratch line and h r l ft, or front, foot some ix inch s in the rear of it. he then drops down on to h r right, or r ar, knee, so that it r sts on the track, level with th ankle bone of her front foot. Thi position is hown in principle in Pictur o. 58, of MaybelleGilliland,No.sgof .Walasiewicz, and o. 6o of Myrtle ook, but Maybelle B C-Scratcb Line. R & L– P~ition of Ind x Fin~ rs. illiland, the great American girl athlete, has adopted the short foot-spread posi– tion, suitable t the " ullet" tart, which will bed alt with in d tail further on. That 6 h~~ 1 ci ~.oreD~~nb.r~~u~hino~ is why her right kn e is s n in a vane ~sP~~~ion ~~:~on~/~~~ ~~~e: of h r 1 ft ankle bone. Th po itions of F;-f~f:Lo~~~k~,~r ~~~r~~f \\ alasi wicz, th I olish, an ook, th foot. -Length of r ·ar I g d' d h ld } tl from kn. to b 11 of right foot. ana Ian, f C r 0 er , 1 W le mor H-P itionofrearfoot. orthodoxlongfoot-spre dst rtingpo ilion. 1 ositi n f r the fe t has no'V been a c rtain d, and b f r th rirl g ts up she h uld n1ark th s sition . h n .·t thin()' to b d n i to dig the st rting hol ~, at th t w .,p t which ha e be n mark d. F r thi pur ose a small buill r' trowel should be u d ; d not use a gard n trow l, as th curve on the bl d 'V ill mak the back w ll of the hol of the ' rong shap . Th hol s hould b deep enough to allow th pik s to grip, and the whole of the sol of the sho t mak firm contact with th ba k wall of the hole ( i tur 6o). The r ar h le shoul be lightly to the right of the front hole, and far enough behind it to allow a comfortable leg-spread, unl ss th Bullet st rt is to be used. h b · 1~ \ ·all of th hole should slope a littl , but that