Athletics of To-Day for Women

Running-The Sprint Distances 1 r9 of the r ar hol should be perp nclicul r, or the foot will b obliged to go ba k in an unnecessary extra action to g t drive-out impetu when the start is made. ( ee Fig. 2.) When the starter sees that the competitors have completed their preparations he give the order " Get to your :Marks" or " On your Marl s." You should then step quietly into your holes and sink dov n on t th knee of the right (rear) 1 g. Take care that your han s ar widely nough p rat to let the body corn through a ily, but do not make the pread too wid , or your position wh n you " t t" will be a shaky on . Th prop r di tance b tw n the h nds i six inches gr ater than the breadth of your houlders. tudy Pictur No . 5 , 59 and o, and notice how quiet and collected the ubject appear when on the m rk. And note, even more car fully, th poi e of the he~d with eyes dir cted traight ah ad, and tl arrang ment of the fing rs. The latter i a most important point. Myrtle ook, of course, h s only turn d h r head t oblig th photograph r. vVhen all th comp titors are omf rt bly s ttled on their marks th tart r \ ill order them t " t t ! " or he m y y simply, " t ! " ten e position f alertne3s mu t n w be taken. But r m m– b r that th tart r, if h knows his job, will not flr th pist l that th