Athletics of To-Day for Women

Running-The Sprint Distances I z I the palms of her hand . No. 4 shows the recommended fmger– tripod support, which decrease the danger of falling forward as one awaits the crack of the starter's pistol. The right knee is not raised quit enough from the track, but the head i held correctly, and altog ther Miss Scouler portrays a nicely compact position. Picture 6 shows what takes place in the fraction of a second of almost su pend cl animation after the pistol ha cracked. This infinite imally small pause i not appar nt to th ye of even th closest observer, but every print r l·now that it occurs and tries to counteract it by en eavourinf)' to synchronise the push off from the starting holes with the raising of the hand from th track. This i har to do, and account for the acknowledg d los of time of even the fastest starters, becau e no means ha e yet been di cover of com– bining the forceful initial arn1 wing with the foot pu h-off, sine it is impo ibl to liminat the a tion of lifting the hand b fore the wing an tak lac . Th fact that th ntr girl t ok up the " \ ith arms bow is b tray learly y th ry pp r nt \ aknes £ h r tarting po ition, an th unduly pronoun f lling ngl of h r ly. Th girl in ' hit (l\Ii ~ w r ) i id ntly pr p ring for pm: rful arm wing acti n, of a short, w 11-controll d order, and it i int r ting to note how the left arm i b ing drawn ba k for the pun h " hieh will bring th right I g forward for th first short strid . The girl in black di play an equalised arm lift, but the arms will fly wide a she rises, and there will b littl punch to ai the fir t strid . In Picture 4 ' e have the same girl we hav seen " t " in No. 62. The first raising f the fing rs from the track is completed, an at one th pictur is full of life an action. or purposes of r fer nee the girl ar aO'ain mark d I, 2, 3 and 4· o. I has spoil d a good gen ral acti n by bad arm balance, ju t as it app ar d that he woul do, wh n w w re lo king at i ture 63. No. 2 di plays x ell nt body lean and cro s- a ion arm work, but i. 1 t in bringing through h r r ar kn ,