Athletics of To-Day for Women

122 Athletics of To-day for Women having regard to the position of her left arm. Miss Edwards, No. 3, shows fine cone ntration and good poise, with the proper forward lean. It is inter sting to note the result of the drawing back of the 1 ft arm, seen in Picture 63. That arm is now coming forv. ard in a "peedy drive and is bringing the right knee through in perfect style for a hort, quick first stride. No. 4, l\1i s couler, might have b en the best of the quartette but for an upward bolt, which will bring h r body to the complete sprinting angle long befor sh has covered the essential thirty ards on a ri ing run. ictur s 65 and 6 r f Fraulein \Vittmann, a great German girl sprint r. In o. 65 the fully straighten d left leg how the p rfect strength of th pu h off from the left (front) foot, whi h has not y t quitted its hol ; body lean, head carriage, and ann action ar all adn1irable; but two points, in particular, are worthy of note- ( ) the pick-up of the right kn e to bring th rear foot forward, and (z) the line of the driv out of th hol , whi his passing in a straight path from t.h ball of the 1 ft f ot dir tly through th body to the che t and shoulders, upon which the an11s work. InNo. 66Wittmann is s n a out to omplete the fir t stride. The power of the push-off has carri d th 1 ft foot 1 r of it hol before the right f t r a h th track in the completion of the fir t . trid , the starting angle ha not b n appreciably altered, th 1 ft arm has r ached th full rt nt of its forward swing, hil th right arm is coming forward alr ady t aid the left 1 g in making th econd tride, after th right foot has corn– pi t d th f1rst tridc. The forward body 1 an in both pictures x 11 nt. I m1 h is tl i · p int on rning th forw rd body lean, whi h h uld b con id r with th tat ment, made rlier in thi hapt r, th t a print r do n t r ach h r maximum spe d until he has cov r d forty y, rd . The advantage of the rouch tart i , first, that it insures st adiness at the starting mark ; s condly, that it admit of th m<:vimum amount f f r b ing g n rat din the tarting ffort ; and, thirdly, that it nabl th printer to run, rising