Athletics of To-Day for Women

124 Athletics of To-day for Women a fast ·r start r than Pos Th rnpson. A good deal I initial imp is pr duced by an upward and downward jabbing action, \ hich corn s dir cUy Irom i.h hip , in a ries of very short strides. This action n1u t be forward and without any of the novice's d viation to cith r side. It is accomplished by lifting the kne s in a straight line and jabbing directly down– ward , as shown in Pictur s 5 and 66. You must 1 arn to go f rward, not up, at the b ginning of a race. If you look at ictur z you will see that Miss couler (mark d o. 4) has her l ft foot v ry clo e to the starting lin . That wa th ause, in all probability, of her ri ing too ste ply in th tart, a hown in ictur 4· Thi fault may be eau ed al by a girl ha ing h r i t too close together when she i. t,'' or by throwing h r h ad back as she start . i tures 5 and 6 how admirably orr et styl in taking th first strid . Note that th runn r is going forwar and upward in one action. F A Tabl of Angles show- y 'IC. 3 ing the orrcct body lean from the start, pro– gr s iv ly, until the tru sprinting angl i r ach d, s m wh r b t\ n t\ nty-f1v thirty yards from st rt, is gi n as iig. 3· When th true sprinting angl , \ hich i n of 75°, has b en attain d, the girl has till from t n to fift en y rd in whi h to fini h building up h r ma.. 'imurn f r th ultim t sixty yards f a roo y r s ra . Pi tur 67, of Hitomi, Japan, l ading Hayn s, r at ritain, thr -quart rs of th wa through th thir h t o[ th oo y rds at