Athletics of To-Day for Women

Running-The Sprint Distances r z 5 Gothenburg, r z6, shows excellent mid-race action. Neither girl has yet come to her secon br thinrr-mark, a term which will be xplained in a moment. Hayncs is holding a 75° forward body-angl , but the J apane e girl is beginning to pitch forward to the 6 ° angl , which i r quired for the :fini hing ffort. In both case the arm action, £ the dir et and fore ful American type, i good and it should 1 e not d especially that neither girl betrays a wa teful kick up of the baclr he 1. It is a good plan to draw out a 1 rge angl chart on a piece of tracing linen, g t snap hots tak n £ yourself fairly frequently, and lay the chart over each print in turn, so that you may sec for your elf how you are running. There are two tyles of printing. The one call f r the cross-arm swing and shoulder hrug, invented by the late am :Mussabini; o e Thomp on seems to 1ne to use the action excellently. The oth r is the Am rican style, which is marked by a high pi k-up action of the knee an a forward– swinging ann unch, whi h h lps t f rce the bo y along. TnE M SABINI Acn The Mu abini styl of printing c n b st be learned with the aid of a baton. It sh ul be gra p d at ither end, with the han turn d with th palms towar the body, as hown in ~ ig. 4· s the girl run hol ing the stick the arm swing loosely 1 a kw rds and forw rd acro s th o y. hi. < lion i. aid l by ._ d finil an conscious shrug of th houlder . That i to say, the right hould r is rai a the hand swing to the right and the 1 ft should r is lifted as they s again to th 1 ft. In this action not nly the arms but th \ hol upp r bo y ontribut t th running a ti n, and h lp t lift th 1 g an l lirYht n th f£ rt, that th f t s cm t sh1n al ng ju t ab v t.h surfa f th t.ra k an 1. pit h lightly, \\' 11 up n th 1. s, ._ t th ncl of a h . tricl .