Athletics of To-Day for Women

r3o Athletics of To-day for Women for cro s-country walks and runs during the winter, very little preliminary conditioning work will be n ccs ary. To save space I would 1nention that in the regular training period each day's work should start with a little gentle jogging up and down the track to loosen the muscles and warm yat-t up. Do not forget that your muscle alway work be t when you are warm and have tak n enough exerci to t your blood flowing freely and to get the oxygen supply adjusted to your n ed through your br athing. Wear a sw ater and a pair of track trou r while you are jogging about. One oth r point, d vot fiv minute a day to body building ex rei I m an the ort of exerci es which will pro uce trength in the arms and body to aid th 1 g in th ir work. eep breathing ex rcises al o should be done . Th e xercise can be carri d out wh n you g t up in th n1 rning or when you g to b d at night, but I think the b t tim for them i half-way through the training period. In the tr ining schedules giv n below one it m follow aft r anoth r, of course, but in actual practic there should be a rest period between each sprint. A eh dul for only one m nth of final pr paration i giv n, and I want it to be un r tood that this suppli no golden k y t u c , but i rath r a ugge t d cheme, upon which a h girl print r shoul ba h r own eh dul f traininCY. 'riday nd unday hould b re~ t day ~ from tr" ining in each w k, and no training hould be don aft r Tu sday or Wedn ay wh n a rac i t b run upon the following aturday. Each day' work i to coJnmence with starting practice, o that f atur of th daily routin n d n t b men– tion d again, but do n t f rg t t practi t rt , f r th y are a v ry imp rtant part f th s rint r's pr par ti n. i R THE IO TAl First TVeek M NDAY.- wo half spe d dashes, 3 thr -quart r spe d , 30 y rd for 150 yar s. yard eh; eh; three sy striding