Athletics of To-Day for Women

Running-The Sprint Distances 131 T ESDAY.-30 yards half spe d twi e; 75 yards three– quart r speed once. WEDNESDAY.-30 yards full speed once ; 220 yards half speed one . THUR D Y.-50 yards half sp d one ; 30 yard thr e– quarter pec twice; 150 yards half pe d, triding ea ily, one . ATURDAY.-30 yards half spe d once; 400 yard , running as f llows : 40 yards three-quarter p ed, o yard half spe d easy stri ing, 20 yard full peed, 50 yards half speed asy striding, 40 yard three-quarter speed, 50 yards half sp ed, 20 yard full p ed, o yard half speed ea y striding, 20 yard thr e-quarter p ed at finishing angle. Throughout thi run correct the body angl according to the varying peed , and pay attention to foot placing and arm and body carriage in th a y striding sections.