Athletics of To-Day for Women

132 Athletics of To-day for Wo1nen TUESDAY.-30 yards half speed once; 30 yard three– quarter speed three times; 120 yards three-quarter speed. WEDNESDAY.-30 yards half peed twice; rro yards three– quarter speed; stride through 300 yard in about I min. without making any fini hing effort. TIIUR DAY.-25 yards half sp ed twice; 30 yar s full speed thr e tim s; 200 yards asy striding one . SATUH.DAY.- 25 yards thre -quarter sp d once; 25 yards full spe d once; roo yard lim tri, 1, checked by two watche and with pistol slart and wor te stretched between finishing posts. Two or three girls should compete in this trial. F tl W k 'our ~ ce What i done in the final three days' poli h of the fourlh week will depend ntir ly upon the form of th in ividual girl. It may be her starting that want the 1 t p li hing touch s. It may be h r b dy angle that n d c rrection, som small lack of pow r in g th ring tl for e for the final h enty t thirty yard bur l, r a disabilily t fmish all out. In any of lh a cs the 1 sl thr days sh ul b d vote to a serious att m t to r m d th f ult. Th r ' ill, f course, be starting practice, nlir ly with th pi tol, n eh of the three l y . In normal circum tances, th following eh dule is suggcslcd as a basis: MoNDAY.-25 yards half spec twic ; 30 yar three- quart r spe d twic ; rro yard fiv - ighths speed once, without too strong fini h. TUES AY.-25 yards half sp d three tim s; 50 yards thr e-quart r peed twi e; roo yard once, t be run as follows: Fastest possible start out of the hole , starting b ing done with pistol, ease to thre -quarter pe d after 25 yards have been covered, and carry through to 75 yards post at three-quart r e d, then get the second br ath as you incr ase the running and gather your forces; fini h out last 25 yards at full sprint speed with body at correct finishing angle, and go through the