Athletics of To-Day for Women

Running-The Sprint Distances 133 worsted v ry nearly, but not quite, all out. The idea of ea ing a bit forth middle so yards is be aus you should not pr duce a top ffort of w day before the 'aturday's race, for which you have been training. WEDNESDAY.-Half a dozen pistol starts; swing through 200 yards at half speed, striding freely and w ll within your str tch. Massage. W dne day's programn1e can b omitted without doing any harm, as the girl hould now be f1t enough to enjoy a rest for thr e ays before her big race\ ithout going stale, but she must have her 1nassag , \ hich should be given by a duly qualified woman masseur. Girls who are training also for the 220 yards must worl out at longer distances than th short dash sprinters. As regards breathing, they mu t use the same system as the roo yard runners to develop the right typ of respiration, and should gradually build up th ir pow r until th y can make one breath last for fully 75 yar s when travelling at full speed, then r lax to quart r mil speed for 30 yard , br athing fr ely as th y run. In this way th y may alt rnat in practke up to 300 yard , but for r ce purpos hould try to go all out for the fir t o to 75 yard on one br ath, and br athe regularly ther aft r until th y atch a final d ep br ath for the ultimate sprint f anything Irmn 30 to 40 y rds to the tap . Th following i a sugg tion f r a we l ' work for th furlong runn r wh n h is in full training: ~ R THE FURL G MoNDAY.- J g up and down th track to warm up ; thr e mi1 ut s d p breathing ex rei s, standing still ; r o yards br athing run as alr ady scribed; 75 yard thre -quart r sp ed; 440 yard a y striding half spe d. TUESDAY.-\Varm up; 440 yards half peed, int r pers d with qui k break away at thr -quarter speed in every ro yard for about o y rd , a training to enable you to respond quickly to ny hallenge in a race; three pistol st rt ; two sprints of 75 yard thr - uart r sp d ;