Athletics of To-Day for Women

Running-The Sprint Distances 13 7 her countrywoman, Miss Palmer, in the 250 metres race at Gothenburg in 1926. In Picture 76 the very last stride is being made, and notice that even at the end of a hard world's hampionship race the runner is driving right up from the toe of the left foot, and in Picture 75 she is relaxing a she feels the worsted part across her chest and knows that the race is over and her triumph a sured. Picture 77 shows Fraul in aukscha completing her Latvian r cord run of 200 metres in 27} secs., and is notable for the strength of her fini hing power and for the excellent form she has preserved. Just one word of warning. The races at about the furlong distance are nearly always run round two bends of the track, and ach runn r i , or hould be, given her own stringed course. This m ans that only the girl who draw the in ide berth starts at what i really the 220 yard scratch marlr. The next girl is put on a mark a little ah ad of th in ·ide girl, nd so on to the girl in the out ide berth of all, who appears to be getting a r ally long start. he must not, howev r, dec iv her lf; the start is apparent, not real. It i given to comp n at for th gr ater dist nee of th - out r lane through the \ ide swing of th track. At the tart of th race it will appear to h ran to th spectator that sh ha a sub tantial lead, but he must not r lax h r fforts upon that a count or he will find h rs lf w ll b hind th fi 11 wh n th po ition automatically adju t th m 1 s t th top of the horn stret h. Two anadian s i ntist hav r ntly arri out a ries of . traordinarily inter ting x riments in the con1p rison f the printing powers of m n nd w men. Th ubj cts of th ir xp ri1n nt were rcy William , the lympic roo m tr and 200 m tr prints champion, and Myrtle o k (I i iure 6 ). Th timing wa don lectrically, eh runn r carrying a light magn ton th br ast, and as ri s of recording coil eing t up at appro riate distanc along th track. \Villiams ran 65 yar s in 7 se s., re eh his gr at st spee f appro.·imat ly rr ·42 y rd per second in 47 yards, which he cov r d in 5~ secs., but by 6o yards ha slowed down to