Athletics of To-Day for Women

138 Athletics of To-day for Wotnen just under rr yards per second. Myrtle Cook, on the other hand, covered so yards in ju t a shade over 6i secs., and bears out my contention that the distance at which women reach their maximum speed is about 40 yard , but I had not seen the anadian figures when I made that estimate. It was, in fact, at a point between 3S and 40 yards that Myrtle ook reach d her gr atest peed of ro1 yards per second, and was thus trav lling at rg~ miles per hour. From that point she b gan to flag to under 9 yards p r second. Th result of the e experiments proved that Percy William gained upon Myrtle Cook : ·or secs. in 6 inche . '30 cc . in 20 yard . ·02 r foot. ·sr " 30 ·os ~yard . ·6s " 40 ·I2 so •!7 9 In oth r word~ the man over the di t nee of so yards in s·6s secs. and the woman in ·s sec ., o th t there was, as shown above, ·88 secs. difierence in their times.