Athletics of To-Day for Women

400 Metres to r,ooo Metres 153 in the most exceptional circumstances, that is to say, wh n you are up against a known rival whom you simply dare not allow to get ahead of you. Normally it is better to pick upon the girl who you believe to have the best chance of beating you, and then to hang on to her, so that she acts as your pace-maker. every sure of one thing, however, which is that the pace at which the race is being run suits your own preconceived time schedule. If the pace is too fast do not be afraid to let the field go on, and, equally, if it is too slow do not be afraid to take the initiative by seizing the lead and setting the gait ' hich e 'perience has taught you will yield the best results in your own particular case. At some stage of a race of the length we are discussing you will find that th~ heart and lungs adjust themselves auto– matically to the demands that are being made upon th m. \Vhen this happ n you will get y ur second win . o not worry about this; it is a matter b yond your p r onal control in our pres nt imp rfect state of kno\ ledg , an , anyway, no tw people g t their second wind at the san1e distance from the tart. Th runninrr t hniqu , a alr a y d crib d for half mil r , I qually uilable to tho girl wh are attempting the 1 ng r di tan , an I fancy that I can ugg st a training chedule which will rve a a ba is from which each girl can build up her own plan of pr paration for ith r or both v nts. ar thi in mind, however- that it is far b tter to do too little work than too much; for that r a on you hould not .·c ed any of th di tanc s I am g ing to sugge t. It mu t be r memb r d that a young \ oman coming into training is a v ry highly strung individual, with a d ir , as oon as she f 1 r ally fit, to go t any limits I training t a hi h r ires. If h d h ' ill in ~vita ly g tal . H r r al bj et should be to stor up all th xub r nee of .fitn h can against the d mands of th rac day. fast rul s of tr ining, but a simpl eh me upon whi h y u can ba e your own training sch dule. The 1r l fact that you have to face i that you cannot h p