Athletics of To-Day for Women

r 54 Athletics of To-day for Women to get into real shape for di tance running in less than two or three month . Cross-country running and plenty of brisk walking should form the ba is for the beginning of track preparation. The reader i a ked to look up the chapter on General Training (Chapter Twenty), and to think about the suggestions for winter walking and the cultivation of heart and lung pO\: r which that chapter contain . Time and careful thought i need d for the production of peed, stamina, and pace judgm nt. Training for stamina should be completed before ever a foot i put upon the cinder path, and, lik wise, speed appreciation should be fully acquired before you run your first race. The preparatory training starts with long walks during the winter months, and by March you should be ready to begin running, preferably on the roads to start with. At this stage have all your thoughts centr d upon building up taying power. These run should be from two to three miles, broken up in a pecial way. That is to ay, you run three-quarter of a mile or a mile at a fairly bri k pac , and then br ak into a sharp walk until you are again br athing normally, then run half or three-quarter of a mile before again dropping to a breathing– re toration walk. As your form improves you may go out for a mile and a half, alternating running and walking, take a bri f rest, but do not stand around and get cold, and then return home at a t a y, uninterrupt d, jog-trot run. A you do so, just " hack" along on y ur h els, with every po ible muscle relaxed, and trav lling at little more than a walking pace. n other day plan your run home at a fair speed, trav 1 on the back of th sole, and give p cial att ntion to con rving an a y action of foot and 1 g. The wint r walks re tak n on two days a w k, and th March run n three day a w k. A soon as th cind r path i fit t u , go to it and carry n with your training for stamina, but o not run mor than a coupl i mil at a f irly fa t pa . At thi arly stag y u h uld b working t ulhv t g d t l suit.abl strid .