Athletics of To-Day for Women

400 Metres to r,ooo Metres 155 Th middle of April will fmd you r ady for a forlnighl of speed training, and on four days a w k you tnay 1 racti e the Crouch start out of the holes, a described in the chapt r on sprinting (Chapter Nine). You should begin to d lop speed with sprints varying from rro to 220 yard , two or three time in succe sion upon each of the four training days with a rest of ten minutes between ach sprint. o not, how ver, sprint at full speed, and do not try to develop the sprinter's special kind of stride. You may al o begin to run around the track at v rying sp eds. Three 1 p , ach of a quarter of a mil , i your di tance at thi stag of training. un th first lap fairly fa t, ea e off your pace in the second, and build it up again in the third. Try to cultivate an easy, r gular, and even gait. At the b ginning of May get down to a final month of training, for which the following eh dul i sugg t d a b ing suitable for both half mil r and r,ooo metr s runners: FoR THE HALF MILE AND r,ooo METRES First Week of Final Training MONDAY.-I~ mile at half sp d. T E DAY.- i mile three-quart r p d. \VEDNE D Y.- 220 yards twic at thr -quart r spe d. THURSDAY.-~ mil half p ed. iJUDAY.- · est. ATURDAY.-8 o yards thr e- uarter p c with final sprint f IOO yard . econd Week MONDAY.-I~ mile three-quart r sp T ESDAY.- 220 yard thr -quart r d twice . \VEDNE Y.- 440 yard thr -quart r p d. TH R AY.- ! mil half p s fiv - ighths pe d. FI IDAY.- R t. ATUR AY.- o yards f1v - ighths sp d, or r,ooo m tr ft - ighths p d. :\1 ND Y .-~20 yards speed one . Third ~Veel~ - ighths sp once ; 4-1 o yar h lf