Athletics of To-Day for Women

1 56 Athletics of To-day for Women TuESDAY.-88o yard or r,ooo 1netr s three-qu rter speed. WEDNESDAY.-220 yards thr -quarter speed; 220 yards full sp ed, with strong finish. THURSDAY.-r,ooo metres in approximately 4 mins. 15 secs. FRIDAY.-Rest. ATURDAY.-88o yards or r,ooo metres time trial, according to which event the training is for. This trial should be hared by several girls and should be run in accordance with race conditions, i.e., pistol start, worsted stretchedbe– tw en .finishing posts, and two time-k epers in attendance. Fourth Week MoNDAY.-88o yards or r,ooo m tr s half speed, studying to corr et faults. TuESDAY.-r,ooo metres half speed. No work hould be done for the r st of the we k if there is to be a race on the nsuing aturday. If the athlete wishes it, however, she may practise a f w starts on Friday to loosen her muscl s, and may tak a hort brisk walk aeh day. This last month of final tr ining is d sign d t combine training for stamina and, speed, and, abov 11 ls , ttention must be giv n to the maint n ne f sp d an to improving one's ability to run to a giv n time schedul . Just on word of xplanati n as to the above schedule. It is int nd d only a a sugg stion ; ach girl must work out her own salvation, since some lack staying pow r, nd n1ust build it up, while oth rs lack sp d and must acquir it. Wh r v r tw items follow ach oth r on on day, always t k ten to tw nty minut s r st b tw n a h run, and k ep yourself \ ll cloth d whil y u r r sting.