Athletics of To-Day for Women

CHAPTER ELEVEN HURDLING HURDLE racing is one oi the tnost popular events with worn n athletes. France and An1 rica share th honour of having instituted this class of comp tit.ion for girl . The pione rs w re the Fr nch girls, ermaine lapierre and Th r'sc rule ( icture r). The e girls were putting up first-class performances as early as rgzo ; but by rgzr, when the first women's inter– national fixture was held at Monte Carlo, Great Britain had produced Hilda Hatt, Mary Lin s (Picture 39), and Miss Wright-three exc llent hurcll rs. In those days, rac s were run at all sorts of distances, and over different numbers of hurdl s of varying h ights. In rgzz i'ngland stablished a championship at rzo yard ov r ro flights of z ft. 6 in. hurdles, and by 1923 the following records had b n made: 157