Athletics of To-Day for Women

190 Athletics of To-day for Women In the actual approach run it was Lady Heath's custom to lower the point of the javelin, until the shaft was parallel to the ground. Upon this style Miles. Gancel and Groslimond improved by balancing the javelin with the shaft against the shoulder during the run up. Thi left the other arm free to aid the print action in the approach. The Engli h girl , however, used their own method an rais the shaft of the javelin to the 45 ° angl in the last two st ps of th run. J anderov , perhaps, achie d the gr at st p rfection in the old style, for she used anc l's approach run, then 1 t the javelin fall by gravity t.o the 45° angle, and supplied the throwing impetus at the exact p ychological second when the point had fallen low enough for the throw to be made at the correct angle. This ability was due, however, to a patience in training which few p ople are capable of. Lady H ath, who r ally \ a an xpert in th double-hand delivery, us d a fifteen yar approach run and carried the javelin low across her body with th haft parallel to the ground. When he was from two to two-and-a-half yards back of the throwing, or cratch, lin , which mu t not be er s ed, she used to raise h r left leg (right hand throw) with knee bent and get h r w ight w ll ba k n t th right f ot. h then hopped forward with h r body turn towards the throwing hand and her trunk k pt \ ell a 1 ( i iure 114). In Lady H ath's best throws, how r, he g t th j velin into the throwing position before ever h r left foot touched the ground, and just before the left foot wa planted the impetu of the approach run was transferr d, with a strong bo y way, from right to left, so that the pow r pas ed through the right arm, by way of the hand and fing r , into the length f the javelin. \Vhen thi wa done he invariably got the we p n aw y from the hand with a st ady flight, rever ed n t the right foot nd cured the trong balance po ition hown in ictur II5. That trong and turdily built •r nch girl, l\Ill . ne 1, add d littl t th ngli h t chniqu , f r h ut. ut th h p an f r it sub tiiut d u I f 1 ss t s ' h n h ' b ye. rd b hin th ·crat h lin , in' hi h th fo t n ih thr wing