Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Javelin side was placed in behind the other on the penultimate and final strides, so that none of the sp ed of the run up was lost. What may be termed the modern style dates from 1925, in which year I was asked a great many qu stions at the Triangular International Mat h concerning what the girl termed the men's style, which lara allard wa u ing so effici ntly as to prove h r elf b st of all th c mpetitors with her be t hand. In the following year Anna- i a A 1 kold pr ved the ffi.cien y of the men's method by b ating Miss } \ cett, who used the old method, for th world' championship. I admit that it is t fir t difficult to control the jav lin wh n one starts holding it by th middle grip, but this method is the right one for all hat. The grip is sh wn in Pictur II of Fraulein Hargus, rmany, the v orld' record holder. Ev n in FIG.') FIG. 10 wh t I like t ll th te, becaus ther ar at least two variation in conn ction with the "held in th middle" styl , ut both ha lati n t thew y in whi h the j elin i carri d during the proach run and the leg action in the transition from the run up to the throwing position. The deli ery action i th Se m in ev ry ea e, and calls for the delivery to be made dir ctly over the shoulder. Apart from more intimate matt rs of t chnique the real difference between good throwing and bad is to b found in the ability, or oth rwi , of th athl t to thr w with the run. in ty per cent of girls fail to g t any 1 n th into the thr w, becau e, although they run up hard n ugh, th y stop almost d ad in the attainment of the thr wing po ition. In the style of throwing I am ing to d rib , b cause I b li v that it is the b l, th j lin sh ul b h Id s th t the whip- rd inding li s er ss th han , liag na11 r, fl m th r t f the f r ·finb r t th di i ·ion at th h 1 f the h .. nd