Athletics of To-Day for Women

192 Athletics of To-day for Women (Fig. g). When the grip is closed the forefinger is extended back along the javelin shaft, and the little finger should not be placed over the shaft but tucked in beside the binding, against which the inner edge of the little finger rests (Fig. ro). At first it will be necessary for you to put a piece of strapping or a finger stall on the little fing r, otherwise the quick will become torn and very sore through the rubbing of the rough whip-cord. The javelin should be carried with the point directed down– wards at an angle of about 40° to 45°. The mu des of the left hand and arm mu t b held loo ely, and the left fist should not be clench d. 1he hand holding the javelin is directly over the should r, the wri t i w 11 fl .· d, and the elbow is turned outward (Picture 117 and •ig. 12). Before commencing the approach run, th girl should set No/e.-Measurements given are only appr imat and will vary according to the throw r's pc d and physiqu . FIG. !I n," h wn in