Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Javelin Fig. 12 and Picture 117. Take care to keep the shoulders ab olutely square to the dir ction of the run until the transition action to the throwing position begins. You will, of cour e, always put down a check mark and a throwing mark, the latter a javelin's length, or a little more, in rear of the scratch line, which you must not cross. The lay-out of the run up i shown in ~ ig. 11. Two strides before the check mark is reached begin to draw back the throwing arm, as shown in "' ig. 13, o that the arm is fully extended backward and the should r turned to the side of the throwing hand by th time the left foot r ache th check mark. Thi drawing back of the throwing arm mu t b completed in two or four strides with perf et loo n ss and smoothness and without any falling off in the pe d at which you are running. It is in the n .'t pha that so many javelin throw rs fail. For th running ffort h made its contribution, and the puzzle is to knit th sp d of the run with the force of the throw. Any break at thi tage in th rhythm of the gen ral forward mom ntum will rob th p ar of length of flight. The trick is lon by pringing fon: ard off th 1 it foot as it comes opposite t ih h ck m rk, but this pring must be accompani d by a high and pow rful forward wing of th right 1 g, a shown in ~ ig. 14. At th same time th 1 ft arm swings loos ly back a ro th body, al o a hown in ig. 14. Tak car at this tag to k p th point f th jav lin b low th line of the chin, th throwing arm on a lin with th hould r , and the h ad and y dir et d straight forward. Each one of th figur , which gr at t care and a curacy, mu t b again and again in conjunction with th t xt until the r der has ma t r d the m aning of v ry slight st a tion or point of balanc which is portrayed. Thi spring off the 1 ft foot from the check mark (Fig. 14) will bring the right foot, ultimat ly, to the throwing mark. uring the pring forward the hips drop and the body crouches a littl th 1 ft 1 g b gins to corn through, ar1d the st 1 h ad of th jav lin i allow d to ris to the lev 1 of the mouth, as th