Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Javelin hand reach the 1 v 1 of the right shoulder. At the same time the javelin is lifted up evenly throughout its whole length by the raising of the fully extended right arm while the hand turns backwards on the wrist with thumb towards the body. The javelin head where it joins the shaft is now on a 1 vel with the thrower's ey s. This is th stage at which you must contrive to keep th point from tilting up. This is best done by keeping the forefinger p inting back along th shaft towards the tail, as it thus supplies a support to the rear half of the shaft. The right foot land opposite to the throwing mark, from seven feet to nine feet short of the scratch line, with the knee above it slightly b nt (Picture rr ), and, while the body is kept well back, the left leg is allowed to swing straight through to the front with the knee locked and the to s pointing up, forward, and lightly to the left (as shown in Fig. 17). At the arrie time both arms rise tog ther, as shown, and the javelin is lifted (again the lift is made throughout the entire length of the weapon), so that although the angle of the javelin is but little chang d it has been raise until the fore part is higher than the throw r's h ad and almo t directly abov it. Be car ful of this action, becau it will not do to let th p int of th javelin swing out to your right, or the direction of flight will b poil d. Not that the for finger i till under the haft, to keep the tail from dropping and the point pitching up. Note also that no attempt has yet been made to alter the sideways position of the shoulders. The impressed momentum of the run up completes the swing forward (Picture rrg). As soon a th 1 ft foot i d wn (Picture rzo) th should r ar h i t d harply and ' ith all speed and str ngth from right t 1 ft; the right hip up with a twist al . Th l g a urn th attitu of < n exagg rated walking strid ( •ig. I an Pi tur rzr). The right elbow is twisted round, up, and forward to 1 ad the throw and bring the shaft directly a v the hould r ( ictur rz ) ; the arm from elbow to hand, however, o not hange its position, and car must be tak nth t the p int of thew pon is not allowed to tip up. It is at this p ychological second that