Athletics of To-Day for Women

196 Athletics of To-day for Women the forefinger slips from along the shaft and is curled round the shaft, just behind the binding, to help the thumb to provide the final propulsion, while the hand is rotated back and outwards again on the wrist from left to right to get the palm flat beneath the javelin, for which it provides a pi tform. o many girls go wrong in their throwing her , but the correct action is well hown in ig. r and Picture rzr, and can be mastered with painstaking practic . Take car not to drop the left houlder as the shoulder are twi t d from right to left. It i the right foot that should thru t the right hip up and forward. One the left foot is down you mu t consider the left leg as forming a tiff fulcrum, or point of leverage, from which the thr w i made. Abov all lse, make up your mind that you ar going to throw ov r your houlder and not round it. From Fig. rg and Picture 123 and 124 it will b seen that the right foot does not leave the ground until the throw is actually complet d, that th left 1 g is per£ ctly tiff at the instant of d livery, an that the whol w ight of the bo y goes on to the throw, whi hi u port d by the pr ing up of the right shoulder und r and aft r the ja lin. It i this propping of the left leg against the ground, combined with th snap of the houlder , which provid s th ntial jerk to get length into the flight of the w ap n. tudy th right hand and noti e the final wri t flick whi h ha giv n the javelin direction and contribut d the la t ounc of pow r which the thrower can produc . In Pictur rzz Fraul in rieme, ermany, has thrown at such high spe d that she has not found it po ible to hold the right foot po ition, and further, the dropping of her left shoulder has dragg d the right foot off th ground. In Fig. zo the follow through action is almo t compl t , but th breaking up process has not begun. Note compl te f llow through of right arm and compl t stiff ning f I ft I g. The continuation of th foil w through and th r laxation of very muscle which har et ri th br ak up i hown in ig. zr. ote that the y s ar following th flight of th