Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Javelin 1 97 javelin, the easy downward swing f both arms, that the left leg is still stiffened and serving its purpo e of a fulcrum, while the right leg is picking up for an easy swing stride forward to a spot a few inches in rear of the scratch line. ome throwers prefer to make the run up with the javelin carried under the arm, as shown in Fig. 22, but this necessitate a body turn as shown in Fig. 23, and a hop off th right foot to reach th throwing position. Even if a girl has learned this style I think she will be well advised to abandon it in favour of the p rfect method, which I have described fully and which FxG. 22 FIG. z3 i illustrat d with igs. 12 to 21, and Pictures II7 to 124. ow 1 t us consid r som p ints in conn ction with the 1 arning of thi v nt, which lo k so simpl wh n w 11 xecuted and proves o difficult of practice to th novice. Pictur 209 sugg ts a g od method of individual in truction by h nd control, in which the eo eh can fe 1 " hat the pupil i doing, an the pupil an n e wh t th instructor want h r to do. In this particular case th nee ssity of k ping th left lbow and hould r up is being indi at d by th instructor's left h nd, whil his right i gui ing th pupil' right arm nd jav lin int th right positi n f r th t.hrO\ t b mad dir tly r th should r. In this th r t f th girl 1 k on and critici whil th y await th ir turn t b hown. i tur rr6 indicat a practice x rei up n which almost all of th world' gr at throw r have b n built up. H r raul in Hargu , rmany, the world's r cord hold r (125ft. rr~ ins.), i n practi ing th throw into the ground with body sway. The x rei is s enti lly candinavi n in rigin. Th thrower w lk about the training ground and continu s throwing the jav lin down into th earth fifte n to h nty f t in fr nt f her. In ictur rr6 diul in Hargus is