Athletics of To-Day for Women

---------- - 198 Athletics of To-day for Women just drawing the javelin back, but before the forward and downward throw is commenced she will get a much stronger bend to the side, with the arm fully extended back, so that she may get a good pull on to the javelin. The throw is made directly over the shoulder, and care must be taken to sway the body forward and to the right well under the javelin, as the throw is made, the body retaining its erect position and following right through on to th throw. One invaluable point of technique built up in this xercise is that of putting the power of the throw into the length of the jav lin, so that the weapon may pres rve a straight path in flight. In order that throwing power, and especially the delivery jerk, may be built up in the right way from the commencement it is a good thing to start with throwing tones or a small siz crick t ball. To speak of a standing throw in relation to javelin throwing, is really a misnomer, ince the so-called standing throw is m de at the conclusion of two r three st ps. You start off facing the direction in which the jav lin is t b thrown, take a f w steps, and at the same time draw the thr wing arm smoothly back over the hould r, until th haul r ar at right angles to the dir ction of throwing. s the 1 ft foot completes the final strid th shoulder ar turned lowly and smoothly from right to left, and the throwing hand, holding the javelin with the point not too high, is bent in b hind the should r as the right hip is thrust forw rd. h shoulders ontinue th ir turning movement from right to l ft, the thrower's weight i transferred to th left foot, and the h nd holding the javelin i drawn forward over the hould r, with lbow leading, and the throw is made, as shown in Pictures 121 and 123. In both illustrations note the walk-like attitude of th legs. Take care in making th standing throw to support the throw, as Fraulein ] acob is doing, by pressing the shoulder up after the javelin. The next stage is the throw at th nd of a g ntle run. The points to remember here are that the left foot mu t be raised when th body is \ ll back nd to cornpl t th throwing positi n before that foot i put down. This ction is shown in