Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Javelin 20! the throwing arm at the shoulder and elbow, brings the javelin shaft level with the head and directly ov r the shoulder. As soon as the left foot i down put all your strength into the effort of twisting the shoulder from right to left until they come square to the front and are level at the sam time, and stiffen the 1 ft 1 g into a column of resi tance, by locking the knee, a the throw i mad . You mu t not get h ight into the flight of the jav lin by tipping up th point. The weapon hould be given 1 vation by a lift from the palm of the hand as the throw is mad , and th ja clin hould be r lea d when the hand is dir ctly above the houlder, and th arm i tretched perp n– dicularly upward . Let the whip of the body forward from the wai t aid the jerk of the throw. Make th throw with both feet planted firmly on the ground, and as oon as the jav lin has left the hand relax everything and let th right leg swing naturally thr ugh to the front in a normal fiort of comp n ation; but, as the right foot comes to ground lo up to th line, s t th I g, hip, and w i t mu cles to pr nt yourself from fouling by over t pping the scratch lin . One other point in r lation to the actu I throw: se th t it is th lbow that I ad the javelin forward over the shoulder. Th right lbow n1ust swing in clo e to th right ar so that it is directly ah ad of th throwing hand, which th n carrie the jav lin to the high t point bo the shoulder, before the weapon is despat h d upon it flight with a final wri t and finger fii k outward . Try to xtend th 1 gs and body forcibly in making the throw, and support th throw by prc ing the bo y forward and up under the javelin. Force your body forward and t the right in throwing; on no account mu t your bo y br k away from the throw to th I ft, nor th twi t f ih houl r from right to 1 ft be c ntinued b yond th point wh r th h ul r ar uar to th front. End avour to tran mit th pow r longitudinally into the j v lin haft, and try t mak the j v lin fly through th air f 11 wing t.h ih f it own 1 ngth, an r m mb r th t a mooth throw is w rth go d many I t. The b st j velin