Athletics of To-Day for Women

202 Athletics of To-day for Women throwers seem to send their javelins through the air with only the slightest of tremors troubling the shaft. For practice purposes a laminated, unbreakable javelin, such as is made by the German firm Rinneborg, should be used, and for competition I would strongly recommend the special javelin which is made by the Swedish firm, roderna Sandstroms, of tockholm. ome very good javelins are made also by Sportsarticles, of Helsingfors, and all three patterns can be bought in England from Messrs. Lillywhites, of Criterion Buildings, Piccadilly Circus, London. A good spear is worth perhaps half a dozen feet or more in competition. I would also suggest that girls should throw in boots, such as male pole vaulters use, in preference to running shoes, as in this event the ankles need support, and such boots, if well made, are very comfortable. They should have fairly broad heels, and inside the heel of the boot there should be placed a little pad of rubber sponge as a shock absorber. There should be six spikes in each sole and two spike in each heel. The sole of a throwing boot and also the he ls should be slightly convex to aid the turning and foot twisting actions.