Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Discus others raise the discus above the head, where it is met and supported by the left hand, when the body is at full stretch. From i.h latter position the left arm rcleas its support, and the right arm, by its own weight and that of the discus, swings downwards and then up behind until the arm is w 11 above the h ad, as hown by the Poli h girl, Halinaa Konopacka, in Picture 55, who holds the world's record of 129 ft. 11 7 in . The picture, incidentally, wa taken in the training ground at msterdam the day before she made her world's record at the Olympic Games of 192 . Note that the body maintain an upright poise and that the arm are well stretched. While the dis u i winging backward the body is turned to the right, and is turn d to the left on the forward and upward wing. The weight also is transferred to the right foot, and the left heel i rai ed during the back swing. First of all, you must practise the standing throw from the position ju t d crib d. To do thi the di cu i swung, from its levation above th head (se n in ictur 55 and 127), downward and outwards in as wide a weep as you can manage without inclining the body toward the id of the di cus throwing arm. The commenc ment of thi a tion is seen in Picture 12 (1 ft-hand throw, Picture 125), while the further s quence of movement forth tanding throw i portrayed in ictures 132, 133 and 134. Note that the 1 ft shoulder i kept as high as the right, that the h ad guid the throwing arm, the right arm i h ld at full tretch, th throw corn round from b 1 w the hip, and th kn are k pt flexed until th y ar traight n d in th final rive of th 1 g hown in Picture 134. ~r··ul in euter hould, however, have lock d her left kn more firmly. The throw i tart d with a sharp and sudden twist of the hould r from right to left, whil the thru ting forward of th right hip with a right 1 g driv , the r i tance of the tiff n d 1 ft 1 g, and th \ id sw p of th arm round th b dy r all ontri utory fa tor . Th di us must be r 1 a ed lir tly in front f th fa , and i.h right rm mu t mpl t th f 11 w thr ugh m v m nt, h wn in i tnr 1 by r··ul in