Athletics of To-Day for Women

zo6 Athletics of To-day for \Vomen Fleischer, Germany, who threw 124 ft. 6 ins. in rgzg. Be careful not to reverse the feet until the discus has left the hand and always keep the left shoulder well up and the left leg locked at the knee and perfectly stiff. Another point to r member is that the discus must be kept flat against the palm and wrist as the throw is made; otherwise the missile will wobble in flight ; and, finally, see to it that the spin is started with the little finger and that it is the index finger which gives the discus its direction and final impetus. If your finger-tips can brush the under side of the discus as it leaves the hand so much the better, for thereby good elevation and a smooth flight ar nsured, but make sure, before you try for final point of perfection, that you get a good final pull upon the rim of the di cus with the index finger. Do not attempt to throw hard for a long time aft r you first b gin throwing; in fact, do not put any force into the throw at all; do not even try to control the dir ction of flight, but leave the discus to follow its natural path. The same applies to th turn, for you mu t master the footwork b fore you can think oi turning at pe d and throwing with for . Look at it in thi way. Y u hav to practis five fing r xer is s and s 1 s I r you can play Tschaikovsky or achmaninofi, don't y u? n l y u h th to 1 arn an to practise th st in a fo .·- trot b f r you can give an exhibition oi b 11-room ncing. ut wh t y u are going to attempt in throwing the di cus i more clo ly alii d t th intricat mov m nt of a u ian ball t d ncer than to the