Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Discus First of all, then, master the standing throw as one entity. Next tackle the turn without even having the discus in hand. ~Iark out your circle with a spot to show the centre and a hne of direction from back to front, also chalk in the positions where your feet should fall. At first you can fix your eyes on these spots as you turn-ONE! TWO! THREE! working by numbers, but as soon as you begin to spin smoothly, but slowly, keep your head up and get a friend to watch your footwork for you. The trouble you take in mastering the footwork to begin with will save you hours of work and worry later, when you may have to abandon a bad style, built up by to mu h haste, and have to buil up the correct t chnique all over again. In the arly days of your training you must practise and perfect each movement separately, and then gradually knit them togeth r until the unified effort will reach its climax in the f rceful throw. Directly the tanding throw and the turn ar both mast r d begin to throw with the turn, but throw lightly for a week or two; after that train for style thr e days a w k and on tw other days, say \V dn day an aturday, make half a dozen go d throw for di t ne . ow w will on id er Lh throw as a whol . It w uld n t be a bad plan t mak a tr cing I ~ ig. 2S and to k p it b side Y u as you r ad th e in truct.ions. To b gin: you t k up your position in the circle with the I t planted at r- Lr, and carry out two or thr e lo e pr liminary swing to loo n y 1r mu 1 , and, a it w re, et y ur lf r ady f r th turn. Th swing i h wn in icture ss. In the la t pr liminary wing pr ceding th turn the 1 ft foot i hift d ack from Lr to L.., clnd Lh 1 ft kn is bent in tO\ ard th right when the di u · is at th high t point behind and the 1 ft arm out parall 1 to th ground t act as a balancer. This stage f th acti n is hown by Halinaa I onopacka in Pictur 127. Note in I ictur 128 how th po ition of the arms and th 1 ft knee h, nn- s as th w rid's r rd h 1 r is ab ut t h r pin, an n t , I ri ~hl thr mgh th ' ri f pi tur s th way in whi h th h t. cl c ntr Is an l guid s all th thr w r'