Athletics of To-Day for Women

208 Athletics of To-day for Women actions. Another thing to remember is that at no stage of the action, from the commencement of the turn until the discus has left th hand, are both f et off the ground at the same time ; al o that the upper dge of the di cus is kept touching the forearm until it actually 1 aves the hand. The first half pin on the left foot i made fairly slowly, because the whole effort mu t be a cumulative one, reaching its climax in the throw. In Picture 129 Konopacka is seen mid-way through the spin on the left foot, while in Picture 130 she has practically completed the left foot spin and is about to put her right foot down just beyond the centre of the circle at R2 ( ig. 25). The points to ob erve here are that the thrower's weight and balance are kept over towards the di cus arm all the time, the full stretch of the throwing arm, and the p rfect position of the discus beneath the hand with the surface still touching the forearm, also that the throwing arm i hanging out p rfectly loos ly from the shoulder. There must be no setting of any of the muscles during the turning move– ment. This left foot pin mu t b well controll d, o that the right foot can be plant d firmly at 2 (Fig. 25), otherwi e the right foot will go b yond the centre line, so that the left foot will be dragged back and a cramped throwing po ition will result. As soon as the right foot is down at R2 the sp ed of the turning movement increases con i erably, because a long r pin i to follow, as the I ft foot ha to trav I round to L3, which is a long r swe p than that from r to 2, which wa accom- pli hed on the left f ot pin. uring th right f ot pin th right ide mu t b k pt w 11 back and the arm hang loo ly w 11 out behind the body; the kne al o r main bent. ce Picture 131, in which Konopacka has not yet put down the 1 ft foot at L3 (Fig. 25), but is g tting r ady for the trong twist of th boulder from right to l ft which tart the throwing a ti n. Th in will not b complet d until the b y has turn d suffi i ntly t th 1 ft f r th 1 ft f ot t b put wn f t or so furth r n th l ft si f th ir ti n lin . It n b s n cl rly in this ictur th t th thr \ r