Athletics of To-Day for Women

Throwing the Discus is gath ring all her body togeth r and is summoning all h r will-power for a upreme ffort. Notice the open mouth. I onopacka regularly uses this trick of drawing a deep quick breath and of setting her neck muscles just as she i about to make her throw. In Picture 132 the throwing position ha been reached. The right foot is at R2 (dotted outline) and the left foot at L3 (Fig. 25), and the knees are still bent, while the shoulder twist from right to left is in progress. Ob erve the wonderful hang of the throwing arm, the discus still in p rf et position under the hand and again t the palm and wri t. When regard is had to the speed at which Konopacka turns and the power with which she throws, her p rfect control of very action, and the perfect smoothn with which the whole volution is knitt d together ar littl hort of marv llou . Everything is een set forth throw, and the h ight of the left should r, balance of th left arm, and controlling poise of the h ad must be remarked. The action i carried on in Picture 133 by Fraulein Milly ut r, who t th rman record at 125 ft. g§ ins. in 1926. The right hip i \ ell up, the right leg has almost completed its driv , and the 1 ft 1 g is w 11 stiff n d to provid th s ential point of r si tance. Note the p rf tion I the tip-to positi n. Th perf ctly upright carriage of th bo y is xcellent and al o the wide sweep of the arm round the body, with th di cus just rising to should r height b f r the arm and hand w pit round to the front to compl t th throw. The arm an body deliv ry action i w 11 shown in icture 134, but, unfortunately, ~raul in ut r has allowed th 1 ft 1 g to giv at th kn , wh r a th whol limb hould h v r main d P rf ctly rigid. Th hould r , how v r, h v r tain d th ir u .. r n s , and th di cu ha 1 ft th h nd at th prop r l vation. Pictur 135 is of Mi s ~ lor nee Birchenough, fiv times ngli h champion nd form rly world' record holder. he ha got th discus pl ndidly way to th front, but t, perhaps, a rath r too st p levation, and also her leg work lacks the