Athletics of To-Day for Women

zz8 Athletics of To-day for Women sprung into the air can possibly add to the momentun1 at which your body is travelling. One is bound to agree that this i so for practical purposes, so far a we know, although air is still a fluid. ut, surely, there are other con iderations to b taken into ac ount. The sprinter runs fa t r if he pitche her body forward at a c rtain angle and so run catching up her own quilibrium ; the high jump r, admitt dly, is able t clear greater h ights if he will but ace pt the fundamental principle that the heavy h ad and hould r must be brought down to the c ntre of gravity, to let the hip go up and over the bar, while the h'ttrdler aets more qttickly back to earth by 1neans of a forward body lean while negotiating the ob tacle. It i upon the well establi h d valu of body-1 an in hurdling that I ba e my own theory of the valu o.f the hitch-kick, or mid-air tep, in long jumping. A hurdl r force her body down over th thigh to h lp t g t the le ding foot back to earth qui kly. Ther for , if th girl long jump r in mid- ir f re · h r b dy down ov r h r thi h , in accor ance with th practic of ld tim jump r , she for e h r fe t d wn toward th pit, an that i pr ci ly th thing she ought to b 1 a t of d ing. Upon the oth r hand, th hitch-ki k, rop rly rri d ut, g t th jump r w 11 up int the air, as hown in Pictur I7 of 1r . orn ll ; and, a hown in practically all th illu trati n , it allows th athl t to k ph r body upright and h r w ight back, so that ther is n thing above the thighs t fore th 1 g downward , until th 1 nding hoot b gin . If, nth oth r hand, y u 1 ok at ictur I I f tt olly" Wagn r, the u trian r cord hold r, y u will that her forward body b nd i g ing to pr vent h r from g tting n ad cent ho t fini h t h r jump. If furth r proof b ne d d, in upp rt f th ont ntion that th hit h-ki k u pli th right 111 th d in long jumping, 1 t u turn to figur . n ~ ngland I7 ft. w n v r beat n until I927, in which y ar Mr . orn 11, th n Mi M. . unn, won the Engli h ham i n hip t 17 ft. in ., 11 h r pr d having u l th tr bun h-e. n 1- ail " flight thr ugh th air. Two y r lat r h took the riti h r ord up t within h lf