Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Running Long Jump an inch of I9 ft. Kinuye Hitomi (Picture I74) ncv r us d any but the hitch-kick m thod, and she has gone on progr siv ly from I ft. 7~ in . to what is now r parted as her new world's r cord of 20 ft. 2~ ins. Even more significant is the fact that the other method is seldom seen in Germany, and there, in I 29, Fraulein chlarp (Picture I7 ) raised the national r cord to I ft. 7~ in . in July, only t have her performanc b at n a month later by Fraulein Grieme (Picture I79), who clear d I ft. ins. or th rest, in I929, four erm n girl beat I ft., thirt en did bett r than I7 ft., thirty-one cleared I6 ft. 5 in ., and at the rman Worn n' hampionship the average of the fir t half-dozen wa I7 ft. 7 ins. In th western world, of cour e, the method i univer al, and by it F nny Roscnf ld has rai ed the anadian record to I ft. 3 in ., and Mi s . Todd that of the United tates of America to I7 ft. II ins. In thonia, . T it lbaum (Picture I55), th t wonderful all-roun athlet who e pictur is r roduced in the shot putting chapt r, h s cl ar d I7 ft. 9 i~ ins., whil th littl Latvian girl, inaida L pin ( ictur I o and I 5), ha jump d I7 ft. o 11 in., and Mile. org tt agn ux ( ictur I 4) has t th ~ r n h record at I7 ft. IO i~ in . A wonderful athl t , this Mile. gneux, by that am In I929 h equall d the world' r ord of IO s c . f r o m tr s, and in addition to that f r th Long Jump hold th foll wing r nch r cord : IOO m tr , I2~ c . ; hot ut, 3 ft. -l ins. In I 2 she won th following Fr nch hampion- hip : o m tr , I o m tr , Long Jump, and hot ut; n th Tri athlon, IOO m tr , I25 c . ; High Jump, 4ft.. 7 in . ; nd Jav lin, 74ft. l ins. r at ritain, unf rtun t ly, h n on in th class as Mr . orn 11. At th ngli h h mpi n hip wh n Mr . ' n r r with a l I ft. II~ ins., Mi ond at I7 ft. in., nd Miss Knight third t I ft. ins., whi h compar s badly with th rman champi n hip av rag of I7 ft. 7 ins. Mor ov r, in the match b tw n r at rit in and rmany, Mr . orn 11, I ft. 4 ins., wa b at n by raul in ri m , I ft.