Athletics of To-Day for Women

232 Athletics of To-day for Women forward, although the right he 1has gone well back in a second " hang " action. The body is now at the highest point in its trajectory of flight, and the time has come to revert to the single-action style for the finish. The left arm goes down and out and the right arm goes back as th right kne i raised to the level of the left, so that the jump r ha th app arance of being in a sitting position in mid-air. Thi stag of the jump is perfectly portray d in Pictur I7 by diul in chlarp, who was the gr at rman discovery of I92 , when she won her national championship at I ft. 7~ in ., beating Fraulein Gri m , I7 ft. II Po in ., and •raul in Von Bredow, I7 ft. 6! ins. It is to be noted that up to thi stage all the jumpers shown have kept their weight well back. As oon as the highest point in flight has b n r ach d, hO\: r, it b corn s n ces ary to accelerat th landing hoot. Th arm ar flung back, th body go s slightly fonvard, and th l gs b gin to swing through to the front from th l·n downward , hown by inaida Leepin, the Latvian r c rd hold r, in i tur I o. ictur I73 of Von Br d w how th nd of the hitch-ki k action. In Pictur I85 ( inaida L pin) th extr me backward po ition of the arms an th xtr m forward stretch of the legs ar shown. Not that th body i fore d as far as possible forward ov r the thighs to pr v nt th jump r from sitting down backward a h rh el ut th urf c f th nd pit. The actual landing i ff et f llows. Just before th heels touch th nd th y b corn th fulcrum for continued f rw rd body pr gr he arm ar n w swung as strongly as possibl from r r to front, for th purpo of lifting th body on. Thi a ti n houl be id d by th 1 g th ms lv s straight ning out in a f rward driv as oon as the body h s pass d fonvard of its own point of balanc . The two action pictur s of Kinuye Hitomi (Pictur s I8z and I 3), the world' r cord holder, how r comm nded mid– air action, and th upright body balanc and con rt d and related action bet\ en legs and arms should b most carefully