Athletics of To-Day for Women

The Running Long Jump studied. The pictur of org tte agneux (Picture r 4) is a fine example of the lifting hitch-kick, with this reservation– that the head should on no account be allowed to drop back when the take-off h 1goes behind, a in Mlle. Gagneux's ea e, otherwise the arm will be thrown too high. The only ea e in which it is permi ible to drop back the head is when, a shown by Fraul in Grieme in Picture 170, the full "hang" is used. o far we have d alt only with th kill d techniqu of the actual spring. ut to be a world' champi n at th Long Jump one must also be quite fir t- la a a printer. The ea of Mr . ameli has been m ntioned, but it must not be forgotten that Kinuy Hitomi, th world' Long Jump r cord hold r, is also the holder of two ace pted world' sprint record , i.e. roo metr s, I2l secs., and 200 metr , 24 7 ecs., or that she po sess the J apane hot Putting record of 32 ft. ~ ins. Fl etn ss of foot, th r for , i a n ces ary adjunct to the long jump r's m k -up, for n matt r how great your kill as a jumper may it will av il you but little if you do not pas e p d and th bility to combin it to full ff et with your jumping t hniqu . Or, again, you may hav th p d and pring and y et cont1nit the fatal error one so often ee - that of checking the run-up fu t prior to the jump in order to ensure that the proper foot will fall 'ltpon the take-off board. am oft n a k d how thi fault can b cur d. The remedy lies in th athl t ' wn hands. To b gin with, the girl jump r mu t find out the .·act length of th run-up he requir , but at fir t ev n thi will be but approximate, for he ha still t t ili h r trid . Th t i to s y, h mu t accu t m h r If t t king a rtain 1 ngth f Lri , and ertain numb r f trid in a giv n di t ne , th t h m y lway hav h r stridin und r p rf t contr l. It i v ry r r ly that n h ar th judg ' hout of " jump ! " wh n a fir t-ela s p rform r i camp ting. Think ab ut th matt r f r a mom nt, and I am sur y u will r li th t v n th slight t v ri tion in your tri 1 ngth, during c. n ppr eh run f thirty-fiv to forty y rds,