Athletics of To-Day for Women

234 Athletics of To-day for Women will considerably reduce your chance of hitting th take-off board fair and square with your accustomed take-off foot. It follows, therefore, that much sprint training at hort distances must be undertaken, first, to nable you to settle and tabilise your tride 1 ngth, and, condly, t impro your p d and to mak you quick nd springy in acti n. P m mber this-speed is a guarant e of di tanc , if you an 1 a' the take-off oard without a preliminary check and if you jump high nough. o not, how ver, r ly upon p d alon ; you 1nu t be abl to execute the sequence of mov ment which come after you have left the tal·e-off board, and you must develop the neces ary thigh power to get you up into the air. B fore you can think of doing any jumping at all you must, of course, be p rf ctly fit, and y u mu t make th mu des strong nough to tand the n mall strain which comes from the forceful stamp of the take-off and the shock of 1 nding. In fact, your inews and mu les hav got to b strong r th n tho e of a girl who confin h r att ntion to printing, n matter how fast she d ign t run. That i on r a on why ~~moderation" mu t alway be your watchword in all sorts of jumping training. Walking, sprinting, hopping on th tak -off leg, sl·ipping, a certain amount .f jog-tr t running, and 1 nty f mu cl building ex rei f r th body, . houlcl r , arm. , and 1 g , ancl sp cially x rcis t impro th ar h f the f t, pr i l the right sort of pr limin ry irtining forth 1 ng jump r. After a f w w k f this ort f worl'", you may b gin running for the tak -off with ut aying ny tt ntion t th length of your run-up. At the nd of the run-up pring frmn th ar without ny th ught of th ist(_ nee you In, y b abl t jump. Thi will cu tom you t t kincr off, an tlt les attention yo1t pay to di lance at thi time the better you will do later on. u may find that the pr li in ry hopping on the t ke-off 1 g, combin d with th first light jumping, ' ill brino- n thigh ren s. If thi d h, p n, g t .·p rt ma.. , g , ut ut th