Athletics of To-Day for Women

26o Athletics of To-day for Women allow athletes to eat what they like, and what they know agrees with them. On the other hand, the girl athlete, no matter how much she may like a thing, must be prepared to give it up, once she and her coach are convinced that that thing is bad for her, from the athletic standpoint. Food should be eaten slowly and well masticated, and there must be no ating between meal . The bowel mu t function properly. If there is any di ability in this re pect, try soaking a few senna pods in cold wat r for twelve hours and drink the liquid before going to bed. If you start with a half a dozen pod , reduce the number by one a day, and if you are doing your training properly the ow l action hould be regular by the time you have reduced your daily dose to a ingle pod. After thi no further aperient should be needed. Three m al a day is the r gulation nmnber, but authorities differ as to which of the three should be the heavy meal. The balan e of opinion eem to be in favour f the heavy meal being eat n at night. Per onally I prefer to an athlet eat a h arty breakfa t, a m d rate mid ay m ~ 1, an a light upper. ut that is only the e.·pression f n1y p r onal prefer nee. Th food mu t be bahnced by th amount of training work which i being don , and a girl mu t guard again t th tendency to eat t h artily during th w ek-end, which is more or le a re t p riod. Toward the nd of ach week the m nu hould be cut down a littl . n on1petition days th f d probl m b c m acut . H r i a suggestion : Breal?ja t.- n or tw lightly boil d r oach d eggs, butt red toa t. Lightly fri d bacon if d ir . Milk or tea. offe , only if coffee i your u ual breakfa t b re. ge. Lunch.-[To be taken three hours before the t£n,ze cheduled for your competition.] A broiled lam h p, r a lice f well– done b ef. n bak d p tato, toa t, r stal br ad. A cup of t a aft r th meal. upper.-A fairly h arty meal of the thing you I. ncy n1o t, and which y u know \ ill agr with you. I am gr atly in fav ur f gi ing th athl t a s rt f" tr at " meal aft r a nt t, for lher i gr at \ alue in t bli hin<T