Athletics of To-Day for Women

General Training a sense of c nt ntmenl and w li-being aft r th work has been done, even wh n a further competition is to be under– taken a week henc . Training work should always be of a light order upon the Monday following competition. Clothing is another important consideration to the athlete. The shoes should be made to measure and must fit close to the foot. Runn rs need hoes with sole spikes only. The pikes of the sprint r hould b set further forward than tho e of the distan e runner. Hurdlers and the girls practising the field v nts need, in addition, two spikes in the heel of each sho , an should have the heel of the jumping foot protected by a pad of rubber sponge placed inside the heel of th shoe. Field vents girls whose ankles are at all w -ak should have boot such as men use for ole Vaulting. Law makes a very good type. All women thl t hould wear, next the skin, a bust– bo ic . Over this the upp r part of the body is cover d with a blouse, shirt, or tunic. The neth r limb are eo r cl with .. pair f dark-colour cl short , which hould re eh t within four inch s abov the kne . \Vith this s tum it i n t usu .. l t w ar any und rei thing. F r th purpos f training, sp cial lothing is r quir d. This clothing on i t f a w t r ncl long p nt , with Zip f t n r to ach 1 g, that the trou rs can b put n or t< k n off without removing the spi1 e sho s. Thi suit houl b w rn f r most f n ' tr ining, and, n c tnp tition d< y, b tw n h at and thr \ s or jumps. It hould b worn wh n n g 'S ut t om t , n shoul b r sum d ft r a h ra r ffort. Th rt f nit r comm nd d i hown in Pi tur 210 t 212. The b dy v rk b t at a high t mp r, tur n r ally col w th r, a blank t oat, r ching right down t the he 1 , hould b worn, or th ody, from w ist O\ n– warcl , may b wrapp din a rug or bl nk t. pair of r -sol d sho , or plim oils, h uld b worn for ' lking about th gr und. ut on th pik s a littl before th cont st, to g t th m warm to th feet, but do not tighten up the lac s until th v ry 1 st instant. In veryday lif th girl athl te should dispens with