Athletics of To-Day for Women

262 Athletics of To-day for Women corsets. II h wants more support for her back and waist line, she should get it by building up a natural corset of muscle. Everyday shoes are important al o. Do not wear tight sho s at any time, and never try breaking in a new pair during the competition season. And, whatever the height of the heel to which you are accustom d, do not hange it until the off season corn s, when, a an athl te, you may want to lessen the height of your heels by degrees. Woman's normal temperatur is a fraction higher than man's and therefore she n d mor sle p, because he burns up energy more quickly. Eight hours i the minimum for a girl athlete, and a much mor a he can get is desirable, provided it is early leep an not just lacking in bed after breakfast. leep hould be preceded by compl te relaxation and the sort of feeling that one is inking through the bed. Each day hould tart with a cold bath, for tho e who can stand it. ut tho e who find th cold bath is followed by t< goo e-fie h," or a fe ling of la itude, houl tak a tepid bath instead. After x rei t ke a warm hower, followed by a tepid show r and a final da h of cold wat r; the cold douche is, again, only for tho who c n tand it. o not laz in a hot bath, that is fatal ; nd d not wim, beyond an in– and-out plung , during th comp tition months. Both are too exhau ting for th athl t ; ancing, too, i very tiring. Follow the how r with a bri k t w lling , nd finish off th day's work with gen ral ma ag . Mas age i the prop r m th d f removing th wa te product of xhaustion frmn th muscl substance. ut it hould b giv n by an .·p rt and hould be gen ral. Women athlet s sh ul b ma ged by worn n. The theory that the ma seur mu t b a m n b eau women do not und r– stand 11 athletic " ma ag i all rubbi h. Th re i no mystery ab ut ma aging th thlet , and any qualified mas eu e can p rform th s rvic . Alway allow your elf pl nty of time to limber up, get your rub and your r st b fore competition, and do not drink much beh n lunch and th onte t. If your mouth i dry, rin e it