Athletics of To-Day for Women

~- ~------------ --- 30 Athletics of To-day for Women apprehensive of the results, but when four English and one French girl went through to the final of the 6o metre , in which the Engli h ended up I, 2, 3, and 4 (Picture 2) ; when Hilda Ilatt (Picture 39) tied for fir t place in the High Jump, and l\Iary Lines (Picture 39), won the Long Jump, there was no further anxiety as to the place Great ritain was going to occupy. Meanwhile the Briti h basket-ball team had come through the preliminary rounds of the tournament with a e, and was r ady for the final n1atch with the Fr nch on the la t afternoon of the ame . This match r at ritain won by a single point aft r a tremend u ly hard and xcitin g m . th r victories w r gained in the 250 m tr an th lay Rac , and when the riti h girl pa se und r a w nd rful triumphal arch in the final parad f nations, not one of th m but f It that she ne d not be ashamed to In et her frien s upon her return to England. The Games of the two succ e ing y ar witnes ed a r petition of British success , and, although, in some r sp et , th y outsh ne the first, ther w n ' r again f lt quite the same thrill as was xp ri n d y the participator in what th y fini he up by calling " Les Premi 'res lympiad s de M nte Carlo." The following are the r ults of the m ting, f which Mary Lin s wa th heroin with thr fir t , a cond, and a place in the victorious r lay and ba k t-ball t ams: I T \\0)1. I I TT~ ATI AL IEETL. G I T ~ 6o IETRES FL T.-I, Lin s ( .. ), 8! c . ; 2, \\'right (G.. ) ; 3, Hatt ( .B.); 4, Cast ( . .) ; 5, lapicrre ( •.). liiGII JUMP.-I, Kuz l (F.) and IIatt ( . .) tied, 4 ft. 7 :b- ins ; 3, ra quemond (1• .), 4 H. 5 t ins. ; ~. Maugar , \\ alk r, and rule ti d, 4 ft. 3 t in . jAVELI (8 R .).- 1, uraud-l\1 rri (F.) I ft.. 3ttr ins. ; 2 ·anz la ( wis ), 131 H. :.. ins.· 3 mies ( •.) III It.; 4 rt j (F.), 11 ft. 7 ~ins. ; 5, r anl (F.), 110 H. 4 ins .; ) Jani< ncl (I•.), 1 9ft. 11 ib ins . ; 7, Barb ·r, (S\\ i ~~. ), 1n7 fl. 5 1 7 0 ins. ; 8, Li '•brard ( • ) 107 f . 3 ill'.