Athletics of To-Day for Women

England's Triumphant Start 74 fETRES HuRDLES.-r, Delapierre (F.), rzi secs. ; z, Li 'brard (F.), rz! secs. ; 3, Th. Brule (F.); 4, H. Hatt (G.B.); 5, S. Licbrard (F.). 250 METRES FLAT.-I, Lines (G.B.), 33i secs. ; 2, Er ard (F.). METRES RELAY (4X75).-r, Great ritain, 49i secs.; 2, French acing lub ; 3, aris port ; 4, Rivi ra Sport. 8 o 1ETRES RELAY.-r, Gr at ritain, I min. 46! secs. ; 2, France. METRES FLAT.-I, Brcard (F.), 2 mins. JOf S CS. ; 2, Lines (G. .), 2 mins. 32! secs. ; J, orte (F.). SHOT UT.-I, Gouraud- !orris (F.), 53 ft. 5ftr ins.; z, ianzola ( 'wiss), 45 ft. II i ins. ; J, Bar ra ( wi s), 45 ft. I i in . 3 METRES liURDLES.-I, l\Ielly (F.), 12 secs.; 2, 1icault {F.); 3, T. Brulc ( •.). B KET-B LL.- portives b at •n Avant by 8 t -; ' mina Sp rt b at En Avant by 14 to 2; F mina 1 ort beat adcmia by I t ; F mina p rt b at portiv s by r 3 to ro ; Gr at ritain b at cad mia by 14 to z ; Gr at Britain at F mina port by 8 t 7· Lo G JuMP.-r, Lines (G.B. ), r 5 ft. 5-fo- in . ; 2, Hatt. ( .n.), I 5 H. ; J, Brear ( •.), 14ft. ro ins. In the course of the contests England scored 6 first, I equal first, 3 second, and I third places ; ~ranee, 4 first and I equal first, 6 second, and 5 third ; and witzerl nd 2 second and I third. An even higher standard of p rformance would undoubt dly have been r ached but for th fact that th ground was v ry irregular. The ev nts t ok place upon a 1 pe and the track round was like a half-moon, which made racing rath r difficult. The longest rac that could be run on the straight was 6o metr ' and th lan w re only appro rimat ly correct in I ngth. But, still, the fir t 1 nt arlo f tival was the beginning of the int rnational m ting , which had a more r gular inc ption with a mat h betw en ~ranee and ritain at Paris in Octob r, 192r. The great '' find " of that first. int rnati nal meeting was fary Line ( ictur 39), who had n v r in her life run a race before he was 27 y ars f g ; but who, thank to Mr. alm r' pain taking oa hing, w s t i1npr to su h a d gr c w ull n bl h r t br k worl ' r or 1 and t win mpi nship at I , 22 , 44 • n l y r 1 , w 11 a in th High an l L ng Jumps, and v r Ilur 1l b f r ~h 11nally