Athletics of To-Day for Women

Second International Ladies' Games, 1926 69 crowd of onlookers missed no single phase. reat Britain had a really fine exponent of this difficult v nt in Mi M. Gunn, now Mrs. Cornell (Pictur I76), the first Briti h woman who ever mastered the intricacies of the hitch-kick, which adds so many inches to the final mea ur ment; while Hitomi was said to be capable of ev n I8 ft. What had already taken place in the pr liminaries showed cl arly that the i u lay b tween unn and Hitomi, and seldom ha a jumping contest created greater int re t. Up to the v ry last 1 ap unn 1 d with the spl ndid effort of I7 ft. IO ins. ; then Hit mi, a th result o£ a most ma terly piece of concentration, hit th board cl anly, soar d upwards, body erect, head held straight, and not bent ither forward or back, but arms and 1 g working in th cone rt of a perf et kick, which landed her at I8 ft. o~ in. for a n w world's record. The winning jump is shown in Pictures I 2 and I 3· A popular victory and a great f at, which was gr t d with loud and prolonged eh ering. Ev n so, it wa unfortunate that unn, in her anxiety to secure the honour for reat ritain, spoiled h r last jump by over-st pping th cratch mark. Plathino, who fini h d fourth, made a new wedi h nati e record of I6 ft. II 1 in . The Javelin event command d an popularity, and that w d n hould win thi conte t wa singul rly appropriat , since w en, twenty year rli r, h d produced in Eric Lemming, a t kholm polic man, th first great world's champi n throw r. The two w di h m– p titors, Anna-Li a Ad 1 kold, who won, and El a Haglund, who was third, demonstrat d clearly th valu o£ first- la s coaching. oth threw in the now uni r ally ac pt d b t styl , with the weapon gra ped by the binding at the p int f balance, and their ffort were as graceful as they were full of force. Konopacka ( ictur IZO) and many other comp titors used thi style, but the English ladie , Mrs. . Eliott-Lynn (Pictures II4 and II5) and Mi awe tt, and, if my m m ry serv s me, the zech girl al , tuck to th old method of grasping th jav lin by the back end of the sh ft.